Arrow Development Tool


What is Testdrive?

TestdriveTestdriveSM is a unique program offered by Arrow and its suppliers to assist you, the design engineer, in selecting the best silicon for your next-generation products. Prior to committing your precious development tool budget to an unproven silicon architecture, Arrow Testdrive provides you with a wide selection of leading-edge development tools for a FREE 21-day evaluation period.

Highlights of the Testdrive program

  • This program helps you select the best device for your design.
  • Participation from leading semiconductor manufacturers.
  • All the expertise you need is provided by more than 100 of Arrow's technical support personnel.
  • Access to the evaluation tools from major semiconductor manufacturers for 21 days at no cost.

Testdrive is easy as 123?

Customer If you are,
  • considering the best solution available in the market
  • uncertain the performance of a new product
  • evaluating whether your choice processor meets the project requirement
Sales/ FAEs
Sales/ FAEs Contact Arrow local sales/FAEs for a Testdrive of your selected tool
Tools Delivery
Tools Delivery

Arrow FAE will checkout tool from Testdrive and deliver to your door step.

You will have 21-days risk free experience on the selected tool for evaluation and Arrow FAE will then retrieve the tool from you personally.


How to take a Testdrive?

To get more information or let us know you're ready to take a spin with one of our development tools, simply e-mail us at, or call your local Arrow representative.

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