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We provide new and relevant technologies for manufacturers of mobile devices and communications equipment to ensure highest quality of voice, video and data transmission. Mobile devices and communication equipment designs are subject to constant change and require a thorough understanding of high performance technologies and end markets.

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The Tech Venues are a place to come explore and discover the best solutions to your engineering questions and span the range from high level software to low level hardware. Inside you will find carefully curated information sets around specific topics in the fields of Power, Analog, Embedded, Sensors, and Internet-of-Things which feature application notes, videos and white papers to help you understand the latest trends in technology along with reference designs and tools to help you implement ideas quickly. The heart of these sites is that you would feel empowered to solve the engineering questions of today, tomorrow, and Five Years Out.

Date Country Venue Presenter Topic Register
09/01/2015 Singapore, SINGAPORE Marina Bay Sands Texas Instruments The Asia-Pacific Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (APSAR)
07/24/2015 Hsinchu, TAIWAN Empire State Trade Building Altera
Analog Devices
Arrow/Altera DECA Workshop for Video Application
07/17/2015 Taichung, TAIWAN The Century Tower Altera
Analog Devices
Arrow/Altera DECA Workshop for Video Application
07/10/2015 Taipei, TAIWAN Cathay Building Altera
Analog Devices
Arrow/Altera DECA Workshop for Video Application
07/02/2015 Nanjing, CHINA Nanjing Kinsley Sheraton Hotel Cypress Semiconductor Cypress PSoC 4 M Series Workshop
07/02/2015 Guangzhou, CHINA The Westin Guangzhou Cypress Semiconductor Cypress PSoC 4 M Series Workshop
06/30/2015 Shanghai, CHINA Shanghai Marriott Hotel Luwan Cypress Semiconductor Cypress PSoC 4 M Series Workshop
06/25/2015 Xiamen, CHINA The Westin Xiamen Cypress Semiconductor Cypress PSoC 4 M Series Workshop
06/23/2015 Beijing, CHINA Crowne Plaza Beijing Zhongguancun Cypress Semiconductor Cypress PSoC 4 M Series Workshop
06/18/2015 Taipei, TAIWAN Chientan Overseas Youth Activity Center Cypress Semiconductor Cypress PSoC 4 M Series Workshop
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  • LT3748 - 100V Isolated Flyback Controller
Linear Technology Linear Technology 100V Isolated Flyback Controllernew

LT3748 is a switching regulator controller specifically designed for the isolated flyback topology and capable of high power...

communicationsindustrial transportation View
  • Freescale’s new platform leverages Freescale’s 24-core
  • server-class QorIQ T4240 processor and Vorti
Freescale Semiconductor Freescale introduces a new breed of intelligent switching for the SDN eranew

Freescale’s new platform leverages Freescale’s 24-core, server-class QorIQ T4240 processor and VortiQa Open Network software...

communications View
  • NTMFS5C604NL
  • NTMFS5C612NL
  • NTMFS5C646NL
ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor Introduces a Comprehensive Array of New Medium Voltage N-Channel MOSFETsnew

These devices are capable of delivering incredibly low on state resistance, RDS(on), values, thereby minimizing conduction losses and improving overall operational efficiency levels...

communicationsdata-processingindustrial View
  • Series: 48391
  • 48393
  • 48405
  • 48406
  • 48392
  • 48394
  • 48395
  • 48397
  • 48398
  • 48408
  • 48409
  • 48404
  • 68789
Molex Molex USB 3.0 Connectors and Cable Assemblies Revision 1new

High-Durability Class USB 3.0 connectors and cable assemblies provide robust connectivity to support high-speed computing, consumer and automotive application...

communicationsconsumerdata-processingmedicalpower View
  • SiHP28N60EF
  • SiHF28N60EF
  • SiHB28N60EF
  • SiHG28N60EF
  • SiHG33N60EF
  • SiHP33N60EF
  • SiHB33N60EF
Vishay Intertechnology Vishay Intertechnology Releases its First Two 600 V Fast Body Diode N-Channel MOSFETs for Soft Switching Topologiesnew

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today introduced the first two devices in its new 600 V EF Series of fast body diode n-channel power MOSFETs...

communicationsconsumerindustrial power View
  • MP23AB02B
STMicroelectronics Mobiles Hear Better in Loud Environments with Advanced MEMS Microphone from STMicroelectronicsnew

MP23AB02B MEMS microphone maintains ultra-low distortion at less than 10% up to high external sound-pressure levels, enabling equipment to perform better when placing calls in loud environments...

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  • Transportation Electronics
  • Communications Electronics
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