STMicroelectronics provides Arrow Asia Pac full franchise with a very broad product portfolio including APG (Automotive products on Car Mutlimedia, Body Control, Power Train and Safety) , APM (Analog, Power, MEMS) on Industrial and Mutli Segments, MMS (Memory, Microcontrollers and SmartCard) and HED (Home Entertainment) on DTV, STB and Audio systems. These products chiefly service computer, communications, consumer, automotive and industrial segments.


The iNEMO Engine is a new, advanced software engine that fuses accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data to deliver accurate and reliable motion-sensing information that is easy to integrate into smart consumer devices.

The iNEMOENgine_PW8 software pack comes with the iNEMO Engine as a precompiled library for STM32F103 microcontrollers and the device firmware upgrade tool.

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Part Number Title Application* Data Sheet Contact Technical Team
  • LPS22HB
STMicroelectronics Steps Up the Pressure: Delivers World’s Smallest Pressure Sensor, Dust-Free and Water-Resistant by Design

ST has extended its portfolio of environmental sensors with a new MEMS pressure sensor that breaks new ground in combining high accuracy and robustness with ultra-small physical size...

  • BALF-NRG-01D3
Tiny Balun-on-a-Chip from STMicroelectronics Simplifies Bluetooth Smart

Designers building Bluetooth Smart® devices or modules can accelerate project completion, maximize system performance, and minimize solution size using STMicroelectronics’ new integrated balun...

  • STM32 F7
STMicroelectronics Accelerates MCU-Developers’ Pace of Innovation with World’s First ARM Cortex-M7 Core-Based STM32 F7 Series MCU

The new STM32 F7 microcontroller (MCU) series leverages the ARM Cortex-M7 core, just announced as ARM’s newest and most powerful Cortex-M processor...

  • STW81200 RF synthesizer
STMicroelectronics Unveils the Industry’s Most Flexible and Highest-Performance Integrated Wideband RF Synthesizer

The introduction of the STW81200 RF synthesizer leverages ST’s BiCMOS (SiGe) manufacturing technology by integrating in one chip wideband voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs)...

  • MP23AB02B MEMS microphone
STMicroelectronics Mobiles Hear Better in Loud Environments with Advanced MEMS Microphone

MP23AB02B MEMS microphone maintains ultra-low distortion at less than 10% up to very high external sound-pressure levels, enabling equipment to perform better when placing calls or recording audio...

  • VL6180X
STMicroelectronics Industry-Leading Proximity Sensor Brings Superior Distance Sensing to Mobile Phones, Consumer White Goods, and Industrial Applications

ST has revealed a new highly accurate optical range-finding module based on FlightSense™ Time-of-Flight technology that offers designers superior distance-measurement capability...

  • ISO8200B
STMicroelectronics Boosts Safety, Reliability and Efficiency of Industrial-Automation Systems

ST is launching its new ISO8200B, an innovative isolated power switch that enables smaller, more robust and energy-efficient controllers for industrial automation equipment...


Application Legend*

  • Power & Energy
  • Transportation Electronics
  • Communications Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Data Processing Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Lighting
  • Military/Civil Aerospace Electronics
  • Medical
  • Others