As a world-class global electronics distributor, Arrow offers a vast selection of products, services, and complete solutions to support your solid-state lighting needs from concept development to production.

Arrow Asia Lighting team, comprised of specially trained lighting application engineers, account development specialists and product management experts, are all dedicated in providing you with professional advice and solutions for your most complicated lighting designs.

Besides offering the market leading HB-LEDs, Arrow Asia Lighting team have also expanded the Lighting product portfolio with multi-suppliers' efficient constant-current LED-Drivers, cost-effective micro-controllers, optically optimized lens and reflective cups, increasing thermal conductivity PCBs, best-in-class heat-sink, and many more...

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Lighting Products

  Category Description Download

  • Lighting Class High Power White LED
  • High Power Lighting Class Discretes LED -XML/XTE/XBD/XPE/XPG/XQE/XHG/ML & XTE/XML/XBG HV LED
  • Lighting Class CXA LED Integrated Arrays
  • XLamp CXA High Density
  • Lighting Class MK-R, XM-L, MT-G EasyWhite Arrays
  • XLamp Color LEDs — Discretes (Non-Direc.) ML-E, XQ-E
  • XLamp Color LEDs — Discretes (Directional) XP-E2 & XP-E, XB-D
  • Xlamp Color Arrays — XM-L; Royal Blue LED XT-E
Lens/ Optics High Power Lighting Class LED for CREE Download
Heat Sink Heat Sink Download
LED Drivers
  • Buck Converter
  • Boost Converter
  • Middle Voltage (12V or Above)
  • High Voltage (Output Power Level < 25W)
  • High Voltage (Output Power Level >25W)
LED Driver Module LED Driver Module LED Driver Module Download
Microcontroller Microcontroller Microcontroller Download
Smart Lighting Smart Lighting Smart Lighting Download


Arrow Lighting Application Solutions

  Category Description Download
AC/ DC Street Lamp Application Street Lamp Application
  • AC/ DC Street Lamp Application
  • Street Lamp LED Driver & Optical Design
A19 LED Bulb A19 LED Bulb A19 LED Bulb with Wireless Application Download
A19 LED Bulb Downlight Downlight Download
High Bay High Bay High Bay Download
T8 Tube T8 Tube T8 Tube Download
T8 Tube Wireless Wireless Download


Application Solutions by Supplier  

  Supplier Description Download
  • Lighting Class High Power White LED
  • High Power Lighting Class Discretes LED -XML/XTE/XBD/XPE/XPG/XQE/XHG/ML & XTE/XML/XBG HV LED
  • Lighting Class CXA LED Integrated Arrays
  • XLamp CXA High Density
  • Lighting Class MK-R, XM-L, MT-G EasyWhite Arrays
  • XLamp Color LEDs — Discretes (Non-Direc.) ML-E, XQ-E
  • XLamp Color LEDs — Discretes (Directional) XP-E2 & XP-E, XB-D
  • Xlamp Color Arrays — XM-L; Royal Blue LED XT-E
  • SSL21082A/84A and SSL2129A
  • SSL3401
  • SSL5015/18
  • SSL4120
Texas Instruments Texas Instruments
  • 48 channels, 16-Bit ES-PWM LED driver with Pre-charge FET, LED open detection and display memory support 32-multiplexing
  • TPS92411 Floating Switch for offline AC linear direct drive of LEDs with low ripple current
Cypress Cypress CapSense MBR3 Touch Sensing Controllers Download
Intematix Intematix ChromaLit™ Remote Phosphor Download
LedLink LedLink Lens/ Optics Download
  • The Leading Edge of New Technology
LedLink TE Connectivity
  • The Inverted Card Edge and Inverted Poke-In Platform
  • LED Holders
  • SlimSeal Solid State Lighting (SSL) Connectors
  • SSL IDC Connectors
  • Hermaphroditic Blade and Receptacle Connectors
  • SMT and Thru-Hole Poke-In Wire Lighting Connectors
  • CoolSplice Connectors
Molex Molex LED COB Array Holders Download
Molex ISSI TRIAC Dimmable AC/DC LED Driver with Active PFC Download
  • Dimmable DC LED Drivers : Buck and Buck/Boost
  • Non-dimmable AC LED Drivers
  • Dimmable AC LED Drivers
  • AC LED Drivers Constant Voltage
Shinry Shinry

AC/DC LED Lighting Driver

AD Power AD Power
  • AC/DC Intelligent LED Driver - Outdoor
  • AC/DC 4 in 1 Dimmable LED Driver - Indoor


Supplier Design Support

Infineon Technologies NXP Semiconductors Texas Instruments 


Arrow Lighting Designer (new version)

New features extend capabilities of popular cloud-based system that simplifies LED system design

Arrow Lighting Designer is a sophisticated cloud-based application platform to design complete LED lighting system solutions, in minutes. This integrated design environment combines several modules including light sources, secondary optics, power supplies, connectors, heat sinks, and boards to develop a system solution. The platform supports multiple design workflows such as incorporating turn-key Lighting Modules, building on Reference Designs developed by Arrow Lighting experts, and leveraging a Design Assistant to quickly specify design constraints, in addition to a Custom Designer workflow that provides full flexibility for expert users. A powerful patented thermal engine powered by WebSIM® allows users to perform complete system-level thermal simulations on custom designs. A handy ROI calculator is also available to determine the return on investment for replacing an existing lighting solution with a new design, based on daily usage.

With built-in design guidelines, powerful simulation and analytical engines, and a comprehensive BOM module featuring regional inventory from Arrow, engineers can get quick results and access to a wide portfolio of over 13,000 products from leading component manufacturers, all in a convenient and intuitive online environment. The Lighting Designer draws from Arrow's industry leading lighting line card and combines solutions from leading technology providers, such as Cree, OSRAM, Everlight, Carclo, LEDiL, LEDLINK, Emerson Network Power, Moons, RECOM, Seventeam, Shinry, Analog Devices, Diodes, Fairchild, Infineon, IR, Linear Technology, Micrel, NXP Semiconductors, ON Semiconductor, Richtek, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, ETG, AVX, FCI, Molex, TE Connectivity and others.

New Release Highlights (v3.1)

The latest updates to Arrow Lighting Designer add two new powerful reference designs for replacement of A19 60W and high-bay lighting. The examples in the reference library have been carefully designed and thoroughly tested by expert Arrow Lighting Engineers and serve as a starting point for complete lighting solutions. Additionally, the tool has expanded coverage to design with a selection of over 9000 LED light sources, 1500 power supply components and 1000 secondary optics products.

The Lighting Designer's Workbench platform combines multiple modules that can be used individually or in tandem for finding and optimizing entire solutions in an integrated design environment. The Lighting Designer draws from Arrow's industry leading lighting line card and combines solutions from leading technology providers.

The Lighting Designer Workbench platform combines the following modules to provide a comprehensive solution:

LED Solutions allows users with minimal lighting expertise to select the best LED for their application, compare LED solutions based on efficacy and cost. Interactive operating point graphs and binning graphs are available for expert users to further analyze and optimize their solution.

Secondary Optics enables users to select lenses and diffusers from multiple suppliers with based on standard criteria as well as advanced design criteria such as optic height, beam shape, etc. Users can evaluate optical performance based on design requirements with interactive design graphs based on manufacturer data and IES files.

Power Designer allows selection from a wide variety of lighting specific ready-to-go power supplies or to design a power supply from scratch using a variety of drivers. The driver selection available spans both enclosed and discrete power supplies with several components available for online reference design generation.

Board Planner enables users to select pre-defined lighting boards or define custom LED boards to place LEDs and check space requirements.

Heatsink Designer provides a quick estimate of heatsink size and shape required for the lighting solution being designer, a key benefit for size constrained designs.

Connector Selector offers image-driven navigation with several visual aids to filter through a large number of connectors and quickly identify specific components applicable for the design.

The integrated environment also enables users to confirm compatibility and eliminate potential conflicts between the solutions designed for individual modules. Users can download their design summary reports, save their designs for review, and also collaborate with peers and Arrow Field Application Engineers by sharing their designs.

Featured Suppliers:

CREE OSRAM Everlight
Carclo Optics LEDIL LedLink
Emerson Moons' Recom Lighting
Seventeam Shinry Analog Devices
Diodes Fairchild Infineon
International Rectifier Linear Technology Micrel
NXP Semiconductors On Semiconductors Richtek
STMicroelectronics Texas Instruments AVX
FCI Molex TE Connectivity


Date Country Venue Presenter Topic Register
06/25/2014 Tokyo, JAPAN Bellesalle Cree
LedLink Optics
Arrow/Cree Lighting Seminar
06/19/2014 Jakarta, INDONESIA Swiss Belhotel Mangga Besar LedLink Optics
NXP Semiconductors
Arrow Lighting seminar @ Jakarta
05/20/2014 Tainan, TAIWAN Tainan Queena Plaza Cree Arrow/Cree Lighting Seminar
05/20/2014 Shenzhen, CHINA Intercontinental Shenzhen Freescale Semiconductor Freescale Technology Forum 2014 - China
05/07/2014 Bangalore, INDIA The Grand Magrath Hotel Cree
LedLink Optics
Arrow/Cree Lighting Seminar
03/18/2014 Shenzhen, CHINA Sheraton Shenzhen Hotel Futian NXP Semiconductors NXP IoT Developers Conference
03/18/2014 Shanghai, CHINA Shanghai New International Expo Centre, SNIEC EPCOS LTD - A TDK Group Company
Micron Technology
electronica China 2014
03/11/2014 Shanghai, CHINA Sofitel Shanghai Hyland Cree
LedLink Optics
NXP Semiconductors
TE Connectivity
Arrow/Cree Lighting Seminar
02/26/2014 Taipei, TAIWAN Taipei Analog Devices
2014 Bourns INDM Seminar
02/20/2014 New Delhi, INDIA Hall 6, Pragati Maidan Littelfuse 4th EFY Expo 2014
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  • Molex Technologies Support MXC™ Fiber Optic Interface
Molex Molex Technologies Support MXC™ Fiber Optic Interfacenew

Molex Incorporated today announced that its VersaBeam™ expanded beam MT ferrule technology and si...

communicationsconsumerdata-processingindustrial lightingmedical
  • STLUX385A
STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics: Award-Winning Technology to Jump-Start Municipal Savings by Accelerating Street-Light Conversionsnew

ST has introduced a complete and configurable solution to develop and efficiently control a dimmabl...

industrial lightingpower

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  • Power & Energy
  • Transportation Electronics
  • Communications Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Data Processing Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Lighting
  • Military/Civil Aerospace Electronics
  • Medical
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