Design Services


Arrow's technical service team offer you a range of proficient technical and design services supports.

We have more than 300 experienced Field Application Engineers in Asia Pacific, and strive to provide best in class technical support based on customers' application and design needs.

Advanced technical support is provided by a team of certified Field Application Engineers whom has gone through stringent training and certification by semiconductor manufacturers. 

For higher level application-specific technical support, we have Engineering Solutions Centre (ESC) which acts as Centre of Technology Competence with a team of highly qualified application engineers under Arrow Engineering Design Services (AEDS) in Asia, who can provide complete reference solution comprising hardware schematics, PCB layout and firmware support. 

For complete turnkey solutions, Arrow collaborate with our partners through Arrow Consulting Engineering Service (ACES) program. These are Arrow's qualified independent design partners and each and every partner that Arrow selects to work with will enjoy our full support to ensure each design project undertaken is a successful one.

We can streamline your design process and supply chain to get you to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Assisting you at each stage of your product's development, Arrow offers unparalleled local engineering expertise and solutions that work across a broad range of applications as demonstrated in Reference Solutions.

Arrow Enginerring Solutions Centre