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Arrow Consulting Engineering Services

Arrow Consulting Engineering Services (ACES)

The Arrow Consulting Engineering Services (ACES) refers to those design houses who develop either complete turnkey solutions or semi-customized module level products for specific end equipment market.

Arrow initiated the Design Partnership Program in 2003. Today, many IDH companies have joined the ACES Program with many more in various stages of engagement with different business models. We are flexible to build up practical models to meet customer & IDH's requirement. So far, we have gained a lot significant result from ACES Program.

The ACES Program is advantageous to all parties.

  • Customers
    Shorten their "time to market" by adopting a production-ready product
  • Arrow's supplier partners
    Add values by providing a competitive turnkey design for their core integrated components including HW and SW
  • Arrow
    Provide Arrow with new and continuous stream of revenues otherwise unattainable through conventional component level promotion
  • ACES Partner
    Provide expanded marketing and sales opportunities for their products.

To find out more about the ACES, please contact for details.