December 2014
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Internet of Things (IoT)

Arrow Electronics invites you to join with ALTERA for a technical education training courses. In this training, the latest Altera Max 10 development board will be introduced, leading you into the FPGA design and development.

All participants can purchase the development board at NT$ 500, and dont miss the chance to win a Asus Zenfone phone.

Seminar Information:
Taipei: Dec 17

Arrow Electronics and IR is now offering a broad range of products applicable for hybrid and electric vehicle, check out now and you would explore how Arrow connect you with the innovative technology brought by IR.

Were excited to introduce Light Up the World, inspired by Infineons lighting application solutions, and created in partnership with Arrow.
Join innovators like you and see how fast you can make the skyline shine with Light Up the World, you could win fun, innovative prizes like an Apple iPad mini with Retina display.

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This report provides general information on purchasing trend of product segments including Analog, Discrete, Embedded, Logic, Connectors etc. Contact your local Arrow sales representative to find out how Arrow can help you manage inventory assets more effectively and increase your supply chain efficiency.


Intel Quark technology pushes Intel processor capabilities deeper into the Internet of Things (IoT) than ever before. Learn how you can use this system on a chip (SoC) family to build sophisticated edge and gateway devices, and to simplify end-to-end connectivity.

Sensing is a basic function of every Internet of Things (IoT) application. This brochure describes ON Semiconductors strong portfolio featuring both CMOS and CCD image sensor solutions to address broad market needs in different applications including security, medical, scanning, industrial, mobile and automotive imaging.

The explosive growth in Internet-connected devices, or the Internet of Things (IoT), is driven by the convergence of people, device and data across the web. Future growth will be strongly influenced by wearable technology as products transition from the laptop to the pocket to the body.

ITM-IOE20 is a low-power Wi-Fi connectivity module for the Internet of Everything. It is based on QualcommAtheros QCA4004 which is a full-featured, dual-band, single stream 802.11n solution.

An M2M system solution includes the hardware, hosted software, and services necessary to easily develop applications. It also includes wired and wireless communication devices, modules, and adapters. In addition, an M2M solution provides management, messaging, and storage services that connect remote assets, enterprise applications, and much more.

IoT is driving change in the way we relate to the world around us. Autonomous carsperhaps best seen not in isolation, but as the first wave of a sea change that may sweep across transportation and the rest of industrial electronicsare altering the way humans relate to machines. Each of these trends has profound meaning for the programmable logic industry and for Altera.

Based on diverse manufacturing and RF technologies, Molex standard antennas offer high performance and ease of integration for demanding wireless applications spanning the industrial, consumer, medical and automotive markets.

Forecast to have 50 billion connected devices by 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to connect all manner of industrial and consumer appliances to cloud service providers. The intention is that the data generated by, say, a personal fitness band can be automatically uploaded to the cloud. In this way we can keep track of and analyze our key body and performance measurements such as heart rate, calories burned, distance walked, and sleep

The mobile computing device market has been one of the fastest-growth sectors the electronics industry, and the pace shows no signs of slowing. Market watchers agree that this explosive growth is set to continue into 2020. Driving this growth is a potent combination of mobile broadband connectivity, combined with increasingly powerful mobile computing capability.

The new PSoC 4 BLE Programmable System-on-Chip delivers unprecedented ease-of-use and integration in a customizable solution for IoT applications, home automation, healthcare equipment, sports and fitness monitors, and other wearable smart devices. The PRoC BLE Programmable Radio-on-Chip provides a cost-effective turnkey solution for wireless Human Interface Devices (HIDs), remote controls and applications requiring pure play wireless connectivity.

Designers building Bluetooth Smart devices or modules can accelerate project completion, maximize system performance, and minimize solution size using STMicroelectronics new integrated balun, the BALF-NRG-01D3.

There is a real buzz around wearable technology with headline-grabbing news announcing the exciting devices that are coming to market. The term wearables describes all aspects of technology that can be worn on the body from wristbands, watches, glasses, clothing, footwear, jewelery and beyond. The bounds of wearables are limitless and are expected to be the next big growth area in smart portable devices.

Silicon Labs off ers an industry-leading suite of embedded solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) designed to enable exceptional energy effi ciency within very small footprints, and without compromising performance.

The exciting world of consumer electronics constantly experiences rapid changes. The traditional stand-alone approach to entertainment, home appliances, and lighting devices has almost disappeared.

Fitbits, UP bands, connected scales many use devices that collect information from our bodies. The ability to collect and transmit data from the body, and in many cases alter human behavior with real-time feedback, however, isnt just a sport or tech trend. Healthcare providers use the Internet of Things (IoT) to generate patient data for real-time monitoring, which transforms the way patients and healthcare providers interact.

The main challenge in a WSN is to produce low cost, low power, and tiny sensor nodes. ADI offers market tailored solutions to aid in the design process. These solutions feature our industry-leading technologies.

The AVD85 offers excellent thermal performance, high power density of 72.5 W/in2 and delivers a peak efficiency of 92 percent. Optimized for high density applications with restricted space, the AVD85 family provides an adjustable output voltage range with a 36 Vdc to 75 Vdc input range.

Semiconductor companies spend a lot of time looking at the future. We need to anticipate technological advances and adjust our technologies to meet market needs. That means keeping an eye on whats happening in the world, and looking at how those trends impact business, the economy, society, cultures, and personal lives.

KEMET Flex Suppressor Sheets is an effective suppressor for high frequency radial noise generated from electronic devices. The flexible sheet is a polymer base blended with micron sized magnetic powders dispersed into the material. It can be cut into virtually any shape and different thicknesses provide different suppression levels.

We live in a time when new technological advancements are daily occurrences and internet accessibility is being integrated into more and more devices, while this brings new opportunities; these advancements also create an additional series of technological issues that must be addressed by system architects.

As the industrys highest-performing COG LCD segment driver with multiplex drive mode up to 1:4 and AEC-Q100 qualification, it is an advanced yet cost-effective for automotive and industrial applications that require high performance and high quality.

To help manufacturers easily add Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth to embedded applications, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the WiLink 8 combo connectivity modules, which support Wi-Fi in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. The new highly-integrated module family offers high throughput and extended industrial temperature range with robust Wi-Fi + Bluetooth coexistence.

One of the visions of the Internet of Things is to be able to measure and instrument things that have never before been measured. Whether monitoring aging infrastructure, such as bridges, tunnels or power transmission lines, or providing real-time parking and traffic information, these applications call for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to deliver wire-like performance and yet be practical to deploy.

Connectors and Antennas for Mobile Devices
Using its extensive experience, TE Connectivity (TE) supplies products for todays and tomorrows mobile equipment applications, including smartphones,
tablets, mobile media players, digital cameras, GPS, payment terminals, sports equipment and other portable electronics.

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