April 2015
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Arrow and NXP is providing the widest range of products and solutions which are applicable in Automotive, Identification, Mobile, Wireless Infrastructure, Lighting, Industrial, Consumer and Computing, etc. Click here now and learn how Arrow and NXP connect you with a smarter world.

STs SPC5 32-bit automotive microcontrollers are designed using Power Architecture and STs embedded Flash technology. Check this out now to explore how ST improves the efficiency and productivity of your designs and solutions.

Arrow and Vishay is now offering the broadest portfolio of discrete semiconductors and passive components, which are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment. Check this out now and see how Vishay helps you reach the market efficiently.

This report provides general information on purchasing trend of product segments including Analog, Discrete, Embedded, Logic, Connectors etc. Contact your local Arrow sales representative to find out how Arrow can help you manage inventory assets more effectively and increase your supply chain efficiency.


There are many applications for power supplies in this world and most of them simply need a clean, source of current or voltage to get the job done. A growing number of these applications are requiring the voltage or current by adjusted by some intelligent algorithm to improve performance, reduce power consumption or accomplish some new feature that makes a product more compelling in the marketplace.

CK has been providing innovative solutions to our customers for over 50 years, using our extensive industry and applications knowledge and the latest development and manufacturing techniques to solve the most difficult design challenges and provide customer and application specific solutions.

The industrial market consists of power electronics, factory automation,
mechatronics and robotics, intelligent systems, test measurement and a new
technological gamut of quickly growing Internet-based applications.

With a proven history of engineering and manufacturing excellence spanning over 90 years, ITT has delivered a broad range of innovative products solutions that have and continue to enable our customers to meet their most demanding design requirements.

Cypresss CCG1 Type-C Port Controller Family Leverages Its PSoC 4 Programmable System-on-Chip Architecture to Enable Fast Time to Market for Top Tier PC OEMs

Artesyn Embedded Technologies announced the AEE10W-M series, new 10 watt dc-dc converters that provide OEMs with an economical solution for demanding applications in industrial and medical instrumentation requiring a certified supplementary or reinforced insulation system to comply with industrial or medical safety standards.

Texas Instruments (TI) announced the new Sitara AM437x Industrial Development Kit (IDK). Allowing developers to differentiate and optimize motor control industrial system design the AM437x IDK aids in the evaluation of the multi-protocol, industrial communication and feedback interface capabilities of the highly integrated Sitara AM4379 and AM4377 processors based on the ARM Cortex-A9 core.

In selecting code-compliant GFCI components for workplace safety, its important to choose products from a reliable source. Taking a total GFCI system approach and sourcing the components from a highly rated supplier can eliminate the complexity and ensure that all parts will be compatible.

This design note introduces a 10 W, universal AC input, constant voltage power supply for industrial equipment or utility electric meters where isolation from the AC mains is required and high efficiency is essential. Featuring a simple flyback topology, the power supply utilizes ON Semiconductors NCP1075 and NCP431 plus optocoupler feedback scheme, providing for excellent line and load regulation.

This paper will explore important application characteristics to consider when selecting a rotary position sensor for a draw wire transducer. A variety of single-turn and multi-turn rotary position feedback sensors will be discussed featuring analog and digital output, suitable for a diverse range of industrial draw wire applications.

Factories are full of legacy devices that run on closed-loop intranets. Find out how you can connect this equipment to corporate intranets without an expensive factory overhaul.

Why the focus on home automation? The idea of using technology in the home to make life easier, more comfortable, and more connected has been around for quite a while, so why do we see it as a key trend for 2014? Several reasons.

For ADI motor control solutions, Analog Devices offers a complete product portfolio including data converters, amplifiers, embedded processors, iCoupler digital isolators, and power management devices. Enhanced performance and system integration enable innovative design topologies, which add value and help differentiate our customers servo control systems

When motors stall, the current through the motor increases to a very high value, and the temperature of the motor will rise rapidly. If the temperature exceeds the capacity of the motor coil, the coil can burn out, causing the motor to fail.

KEMET is the only components company which can offer 98% of capacitor types in the world. Aim to the high reliability request from industrial application, KEMET offer different kinds of capacitor solutions. For example, the soft terminal MLCC which can avoid the crack in vibration environment.

Although temperature is a fundamental aspect of our lives, it is difficult to measure accurately. Before the era of modern electronics, Galileo invented a rudimentary thermometer capable of detecting temperature changes.

The networking, industrial control, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and emerging Internet of Things (IoT) markets all share a similar basic requirement: the ability to safely and securely connect a variety of end points and support centralized control
across the network.

Littelfuse introducing the latest solution of IGBT and Rectifier Diode Modules Selection Guide.

Considering that 55 percent of total electric energy produced worldwide is used to run motors of every size, shape and efficiency, the adoption of variable speed drives can save as much as 70 percent of those energy costs by controlling the speed of the load.

The goal of this article is to make that process faster and easier by familiarizing you with how pressure sensors work, how they are built and how that affects a particular pressure sensors suitability for a specific application.

Reference timing components are used in industrial electronic systems to synchronize all signals to the clock source. Electronic equipment used in harsh industrial environments must be highly resilient and robust, and must contain components that are designed to operate in extreme environments. Learn how MEMS-based oscillators offer new features, flexibility and superior reliability that is ideal for industrial applications.

One of the major features inherent to the automation and industrial segment is the electrical motor drive. STMicroelectronics (ST) focus on motor control is enabling the company to develop a wide portfolio of dedicated HW and SW solutions.

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