November 2014
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Arrow Electronics invites you to join with ALTERA for a technical education training courses. In this training, the latest Altera Max 10 development board will be introduced, leading you into the FPGA design and development.

All participants can purchase the development board at NT$ 500, and dont miss the chance to win a Asus Zenfone phone.

Seminar Information:
Taipei: Nov 19, Dec 17
Hsinchu: Nov 20, Dec 18

The seminars will provide designers and manufacturers of lighting products a comprehensive overview of Crees LED products and Arrows total lighting solutions.

Seminar Info:
Beijing: Nov 18, 2014
Venue: Crowne Plaza Paragon Xiamen

To register, please click here.

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This report provides general information on purchasing trend of product segments including Analog, Discrete, Embedded, Logic, Connectors etc. Contact your local Arrow sales representative to find out how Arrow can help you manage inventory assets more effectively and increase your supply chain efficiency.


This paper will discuss the additional requirements for ensuring industrial,
M2M and IoT networks incorporate support for trust, security, high reliability and efficient performance.

As networking telecommunication equipment plays a critical role in communication today, robust and reliable components for long-life service has become a great demand. CK Components, as a leading international switch designer manufacturer, offers a wide range of switch solution for different applications.

Silicon Labs fourth-generation DSPLL clocks leverage cutting-edge, mixed-signal analog design and 55 nm CMOS technology to deliver any-frequency, any-output clock synthesis with industry-leading PLL integration and jitter performance.

Routers, switches, and high-performance computing systems all require memories that can transact with processing elements at ever-increasing rates. Random transaction rate (RTR), the number of random read or write accesses that a memory can support, therefore becomes the key memory metric. This white paper discusses how Cypresss QDR-IV provides the highest RTR and standards-based solution to meet these system challenges.

TE has a full set of interconnect and cabling solutions supporting next generation bandwidth, density and reliability for all types of telecom and enterprise routing and switching equipment. Click here to explore more.

In the last two decades, the various advancements in the wireless industry enabled people all over the world to connect. Within the next decade we will witness a revolution where a diverse range of devices across various sectors will be able to communicate with each other to provide unprecedented services to mankind while saving on cost, improving efficiency and mi nimizing labor. The underlying technology that is driving all this is called Machine to Machine Communications (M2M).

TI introduced its first transimpedance amplifier for the 100G optical networking market. As a key component of the system, the ONET2804T brings high levels of sensitivity with negligible cross-talk penalty and low input-referred noise to provide stable and robust communication in hot-pluggable transceivers. It serves parallel optical interconnects in applications with data rates of up to 28 Gbps.

In high voltage MOSFET technologies, the most remarkable achievement for on-resistance reduction has been charge-balance technology. SuperFET II MOSFETs that combine faster switching and Qrr of body diode performance with 40% RDS(ON) per given die area reduction compared to previous generation super-junction MOSFETs called SuperFET MOSFETs.

Jitter is typically a variation in cycle length or phase of a clock signal. These phase variations are partly random and partly deterministic or periodic. Jitter and phase noise are essentially the same, wherein one looks at jitter in the time domain and phase noise in the frequency domain.

The proprietary, hardware-driven telecommunications and networking architectures that have served us so well for the past 20 years are beginning to strain under the demands of mobile users and high-bandwidth video. The foundation of the future is software-driven networks based on technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) running on industry-standard multi-core platforms optimized for communications.

KEMETs CBR series high frequency, high performance RF and Microwave Capacitors in C0G dielectric feature a robust and exceptionally stable base metal electrode system that provides excellent low loss performance (high Q). These devices offer extremely low ESR and high self-resonance characteristics, and are well-suited for resonant circuit applications or those where Q and stability of capacitance are required.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, formerly Emerson Network Powers Embedded Computing Power business, announced the new AVD85 family of 85 Watt, 1/16th brick, high efficiency, fully regulated dc-dc converters.

Because early telecommunications equipment was constructed with components such as mechanical relays, coils, and vacuum tubes, it was somewhat immune to lightning and power fault conditions. But as step-by-step switches and digital loop carriers have given way to more
modern equipment such as multiplexers, routers, gateways and IP switches, there is an increased need for protecting this equipment against system transients caused by lightning and power fault conditions.

Rarely do active RF mixers break the +30dBm IIP3 barrier without sacrificing other performance parameters. The new LTC5577 is just such an RF mixer. The mixer employs an innovative active mixer topology to achieve its +30dBm IIP3.

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) consist of spatially distributed autonomous sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as temperature, sound, vibration, pressure, humidity, motion, or pollutants. These sensors cooperatively pass their data through the network to a main location, the base station. Modern WSNs are bidirectional, enabling users to control the activity of the sensors.

ISSI offers a wide range of DRAM, SRAM, RLDRAM, Flash and PSRAMs with the quality and reliability, extended temperature ranges (DRAMs, -40C to +105C, SRAMs, -40C to +125C, Flash -40C to +125C ), and the long-term support necessary to support the needs of the networking market segment.

Oscillators are used as reference clocks in Ethernet and other high-speed serial applications to synchronize signals to the clock source. For several decades, reference timing components were based on quartz crystal technology previously the only viable option that offered high stability. However, MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) oscillators have transformed the electronics industry by offering a high-performance, feature rich and cost-effective alternative to quartz technology.

NXPs SA6xx series of RF/IF building blocks are ideal for a variety of niche RF products. Available in small-footprint packages, SA6xx solutions save PCB space while providing better RF performance.

Multiple forces and trends are driving the implementation of PSM4 and Silicon Photonics (SiPH) in next generation data center designs and architectures. PSM4 and SiPH fill an important gap in data center interconnect options the gap between the reach of 25G multimode options, and long range (LR) optical solutions.

BournsTBU High-Speed Protector provides a means of protecting VDSL applications without compromising signal integrity or data rates. This document describes a number of different TBU device protection topologies for use in VDSL. Each topology has different capabilities and cost points. Naturally, the simplest forms of protection are limited to applications operating in more benign environments, such as where primary protection can be guaranteed.

The introduction of the STW81200 RF synthesizer leverages STs BiCMOS (SiGe) manufacturing technology by integrating in one chip wideband voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), a dual fractional and integer phase-locked-loop (PLL) core, low-noise voltage regulators, plus a set of programmable hardware options to comply with a wide variety of RF requirements.

The NCP1565 from ON Semiconductor is a highly integrated PWM controller targeting next-generation high-density, high-performance and small to medium power level isolated DC-DC converters for use in telecom and datacom industries. This application note describes the part implemented in a 3.3 V/20 A quarter brick active clamp DC-DC converter implementing self-driven synchronous MOSFETs.

The telecom environment is developing at a tremendous speed and more devices are wirelessly connected by way of the Internet, seamlessly bringing together not only personal electronics such as smart phones, tablets, and computers, but also devices found in homes, cars, and industrial equipment.

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