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Were excited to introduce Light Up the World, inspired by Infineons lighting application solutions, and created in partnership with Arrow.
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The integrated IoT network consists of many components such as MCUs, processors, sensors, RF, AC/DC, and power management devices. As IoT applications expand into logistics, transportation, electricity, environmental protection, security and other sectors, IoT raises more design challenges in terms of chip technologies and data sharing. This conference will focus on the latest IoT technologies and discuss the issue of building, promoting, innovating and sharing the benefits of new IoT business models, so as to help engineers design IoT products which meet market needs.

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Date: Sept 3, 2014
Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China
Topic: How to link up engineers and users in Smart Home applications
Time: 15:40 - 16:20

Altera is hosting free, technology-focused seminars across 14 cities in the Asia Pacific region. Technology Roadshow 2014 highlights how Alteras latest industry-leading Generation 10 FPGAs and SoCs, which enable designers to achieve next-generation product goals.

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This report provides general information on purchasing trend of product segments including Analog, Discrete, Embedded, Logic, Connectors etc. Contact your local Arrow sales representative to find out how Arrow can help you manage inventory assets more effectively and increase your supply chain efficiency.


If youd like to squeeze more functionality into less space, while simplifying inventory and reducing system cost, then check out NXPs configurable and combination logic. These flexible and innovative devices give you more ways to implement logic functions, so you can potentially reduce pin count, lower system cost, and improve inventory management and qualification expenses during development.

This design kit provides a complete system-level solution for sensorless, brushless dc (BLDC) motors. This application note includes complete schematics, PCB layouts and firmware.

STMicroelectronics has developed a family of innovative devices, including the new xSPIN, that implement a full motion control engine in Hardware, leaving the microcontroller free to perform other operations or allowing the use of a less powerful microcontroller for microstepping applications.

This paper first briefly introduces the major features of Cypress PSoC4 product, and discusses popular solutions of current sensing in FOC control. And then presents the solution based on PSoC4 and its advantages. At last 2-shunt current sensing is described in details with one design example on PSoC4.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, formerly Emerson Network Powers Embedded Computing Power business, today announced a new 2500 W power supply, the DS2500PE-3, that provides platinum efficiency for communications, computing, data storage and other systems using distributed power architectures.

In many electronic systems, it is necessary to provide a bipolar (positive and negative) voltage or current into a particular type of load. Loads that require bipolar voltages/currents include FPGA body biasing applications, thermoelectric coolers, DC motors, and many others.

Motor controls and drives are used to control the speed and torque characteristics of AC and DC motors, and to restrict inrush currents present the largest share of the automotive, industrial, and define a rapid growing segment.

Low voltage (1248VDC) circuits are used in a wide variety of applications, including, low voltage surge protection device (SPD), automation control systems
(PLCs), industrial control contact relays, low voltage power supply unit (PSU), security alarm system and many other system types.

Decentral servo motors are widely used in many industries and are typically connected via a deterministic system and power-fed by a separate cable. The Motorman hybrid connector from TE integrates communication, signal and power transmission of locally controlled motors within a single compact rectangular connector. In addition, two fast Ethernet sockets enable motors to be networked, providing the benefit of real-time automation.

ON Semiconductor provides complete solutions for white goods including refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines. This brochure details the companys motor control and drive solutions such as intelligent power modules (IPMs) for inverter drive, IGBTs for motor drive PFC, stepper motor drivers for motion control, BLDC motor controller, MOSFETs for motor control, and other solutions covering power management and interface.

For motor control solutions, Analog Devices offers a complete product portfolio including data converters, amplifiers, embedded processors, iCoupler digital isolators, and power management devices. Enhanced performance and system integration enable innovative design topologies, which add value and help differentiate our customers servo control systems.

This article discusses summary of the concerns that should be factored in when using analog components and micro controller in a 3-Phase BLDC motor application. It also covers the suitable power management devices and power level shifters that enable the micro controllers to drive motors form power sources from 12V all the way up to 300V DC voltages.

IRs new IPMTM family represents the latest example of IRs commitment to developing energy saving products and solutions and provides the engineering community with simpler, easier and more efficient ways to design and release products that meet customers needs and regulatory standards.

Sensor manufacturers have historically achieved high sensitivity in bipolar latching Hall effect sensors for BLDC motor applications by using chopper stabilization, a technique used to mitigate sensitivity and stability over temperature for a Hall element. As a result, chopper stabilization has become synonymous with high sensitivity and stability in Hall effect sensors.

Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) are typically used for high-performance and high-efficiency motor drives. High-performance motor control is characterized by smooth rotation over the entire speed range of the motor, full torque control at zero speed, and fast acceleration and deceleration.

When we look at semiconductor trends for power management, we see two areas in particular motor control in white goods and automotive that will benefit from advances in semiconductors technology.

KEMET motor run film capacitor is widely used in white goods, fan and pump control application etc. Its compatible with different kinds of safety certification such as ENEC, UL and CQC etc. And offer the products by operation class from A to D. Aim to high reliability application, KEMET offer the motor run cap with safety protection unit or safety film, and metal case for high humidity environment.

Reference timing devices such as resonators, oscillators and clock generators are used in electronic motors control circuits to provide stable reference clocks. These timing devices have historically been based on quartz crystal technology previously the only viable option.

Important metrics for components going into efficient motor systems include power handling, which should be maximized, and power dissipation and temperature, which should be minimized. This paper will look at various types of motors, and discuss solutions from Bourns that primarily implement current sense resistors used in the motor control circuit.

Texas Instruments introduced its latest devices with InstaSPIN-FOC (field-oriented control) and InstaSPIN-MOTION motor control technology. These C2000 Piccolo TMS320F2805x microcontrollers (MCUs) are equipped with the InstaSPIN-FOC and MOTION technology on the read-only memory (ROM) of the chip, which helps drastically reduce development time from months to minutes.

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