March 2015
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Arrow Electronics Inc. announced its Internet of Things Immersions Roadshow that will showcase how Interconnected Intelligence is changing the way the world interacts and solves problems with technology. Click here to explore more.

Arrow Electronics and FCI is now offering a broad range of interconnect products and solutions, check out now and you would explore how Arrow connect you with the innovative technology brought by FCI.

Nordic will present the latest IoT products and solutions through product demonstrations at IoT Asia from April 8-9, 2015. Dont miss the chance to have a chat or to see one of many Bluetooth smart demos from Nordic. Click here to learn more.

This report provides general information on purchasing trend of product segments including Analog, Discrete, Embedded, Logic, Connectors etc. Contact your local Arrow sales representative to find out how Arrow can help you manage inventory assets more effectively and increase your supply chain efficiency.


Tailored for SPIRIT1 transceiver, the BALF-SPI-01D3 and BALF-SPI-02D3 provide ultra-compact solutions to simplify the matching and filtering complexity from transceiver to antenna. Housed in 2.1 mm WLCSP package they boost output power while providing more than -36dB harmonics filtering to pass FCC CE certifications.

Cypress Semiconductor Corp today announced its new highly integrated, single-chip Bluetooth Low Energy solutions have achieved Bluetooth qualification.

Kaivan Karimi, Atmel VP and GM of Wireless Solutions, explains how neutrality is the only way to bring next-gen service providers to the IoT table.

Texas Instruments (TI) is expanding its third party ecosystem of Internet of Things (IoT) cloud service providers. With 10 new members since launching in April 2014, the TI IoT cloud ecosystem supports multiple cloud options with a total of 18 companies.

KEMET high capacitance/narrow tolerance C0G type MLCC exhibits the typical feature of C0G material which has exceptional stable capacitance under the change of time, voltage and temperature. Combing the advantage of high capacitance and narrow tolerance, this KEMET product become the first choice in the resonant circuit of wireless charger application, and is highly welcomed by mass RD engineers.

Understanding the demand for an interconnect that can support the right angle design, ITT Cannon has developed a new Universal Contact suitable for right angle mating. This design incorporates a sliding movement allowing for the two PCB to be perfectly mated together producing a low contact resistance.

ADI wireless communication tester solution is implemented by ADIs RF Agile Transceiver , AD9361 with integrated power solution, ADP505x, and RF/IF gain block, ADL5601/ ADL5602. All of these win the excellent performance and rich functionality. Meanwhile make the system gain the futures of ease of configuration, operation, maintenance, and upgrade.

This brochure introduces the comprehensive product portfolios for portable applications from ON Semiconductor, including the NMLU1210 full bridge rectification solution for wireless charging, ambient light and proximity sensors, the NCS2300 headset detection interface IC, parallel and serial interfaces for cameras and displays, logic and digital interfaces, clock buffers, logic translators, etc.

Longsys provides customers with WIFI intelligent connectivity solutions, including WIFI module and the related APP and cloud platform. The WIFI module which uses Qualcomms QCA4002/QCA4004 as the main chip, has the characteristics of low power and high stability, is widely used in every field of Internet of things. At the same time, Longsys developed WK1230 module, which output PWM * 4 directly, for smart lighting field. It makes customers very easy to complete products.

Cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices have evolved into miniature, multi-functional computers that are capable of executing a wide spectrum of tasks. Although they offer convenience, their near-constant use also make them susceptible to damage cause by electrostatic discharge. ChipSESD devices offer designers the necessary size and performance features to protect sensitive electronics from ESD.

Bluetooth Smart is the wireless technology of choice to link embedded designs to a great user experience. Developers are leveraging the processing power and high performance graphics of Smartphones and Tablets to deliver impressive user interfaces and easy to use applications for their designs.

Lots of products use a battery as the primary power source. Of course, we all know about the i-something products with the fruit logo on them. However, there are plenty of less glamorous products that serve equally deserving applications that also use batteries.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies today announced the new 360 watt high-efficiency LPS360-M series of ac-dc power supplies with medical and IT equipment safety approvals. The new open frame power supply series is in the industry standard 3 x 5 inch (76.2 x127 mm) footprint and just 1.37 inches (34.83 mm) high.

We are perched on the brink of another technology revolution. It is no longer a question of if NFC will transform the role mobile devices play in driving opportunity and efficiency for businesses while simultaneously enriching consumer experiences it is a question of when.

The market of hand-held mobile devices have grown by leaps and bounds and have over the years adding more features lead to more power consumption . In this article, we will discuss the majority of the wireless charging techniques today, use inductive coupling for the transmission of electricity.

When you do think of wireless connections, its likely Wi-Fi hotspots or smartphone payment tools like Square that come to mind. However, there are many little-known and less visible ways that retailers and service providers use 4G LTE connections to make operations work. From digital signs to lottery terminals, wireless connections help make our world go around in ways you may have never imagined.

This application note discusses the general principles involved with designing a printed circuit trace differential loop antenna, suitable for use with sub-GHz RFICs, such as the Si4010/Si4012 from Silicon Labs. This application note also provides a general tutorial on how to design a differential loop antenna, using a combination of design equations and simulation techniques.

Until recently the GPS (Global Positioning System), designed and maintained by the US Government (fully operational since1995) was the only space-based satellite navigation system with global coverage for civil, commercial and military applications.

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