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Power & Battery Management

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Altera and its collaborating distributors are hosting free, technology-focused seminars across 14 cities in the Asia Pacific region. These seminars will be held in China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and India from September through November of 2014. Here here to view the registration details.

Arrow Electronics and Analog Devices is offering an online resource that features up-to-date info on ADIs newest components. The resource featured this month is APM. Click and see how LEADING Solutions can enhance your designs here!

This report provides general information on purchasing trend of product segments including Analog, Discrete, Embedded, Logic, Connectors etc. Contact your local Arrow sales representative to find out how Arrow can help you manage inventory assets more effectively and increase your supply chain efficiency.


The CLC1200 is a low power, general purpose instrumentation amplifier with a gain range of 1 to 10,000. The CLC1200 is offered in 8-lead SOIC or DIP packages and requires only one external gain setting resistor making it smaller and easier to implement than discrete, 3-amp designs. While consuming only 2.2mA of supply current, the CLC1200 offers a low 6.6nV/Hz input voltage noise and 0.2Vpp noise from 0.1Hz to 10Hz.

Often, many different types of protection of the power transistor, motor or any part of the system are required in motor drive applications. Current protection of the inverter is one of the crucial items. It prevents not only any potential damage of the power transistors, but also demagnetization of the motor in case a fault occurs or control becomes unstable.

Smaller and smaller we go! Electronic gadgets continue to shrink with each new wave of portable product device introduction: Notebook PCs to Tablet PCs to Phablet PCs, Cell Phones to Smartphones to Watches, Camcorders to Camera Phones to Action Cameras. This trend has also sparked whole new classes of devices: Wearables. Fitness Bands, Sleep Monitors, and Electronic Glasses are just a few examples of the new Wearable devices.

Current measurement is very important in power and instrumentation systems for circuit control, protection, monitoring, and performance enhancement. With the rapid development of resistor technology, low-ohmic chip resistors for current sensing applications are fully compatible with todays high volume pick-and-place assembly system, and work well in low voltage power supplies and battery management solutions.

Low-Power Analog Techniques for Maximizing Battery Life in Embedded-Control Systems.

The heart of portable electronics is the battery, which supplies the electrical energy required to power the internal circuitry. Since the battery performs such a critical role, it is worthwhile to briefly discuss the various battery chemistries currently found in portable devices and some of the characteristics of each. The four main types of battery chemistries currently found in portable electronics include Alkaline, Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium Ion (Li-Ion).

Shutting down inactive circuitry can save substantial power; however, this kind of power management assumes there is an actively managing brain (typically a microcontroller) that knows when to turn things on and off. In extremely low-power systems running at sub-microamp levels, it may instead be desirable to let the microcontroller remain in a deep sleep mode and use a simple, ultra-low-power clock to wake circuitry at periodic intervals.

Everything under control EPCOS power factor controllers allow complex PFC tasks to be carried out fully automatically. They also ensure that the capacitors switch with minimum wear and can measure a wide range of data at the same time.

A common trend for electronic devices is increased portability; it is no longer universally acceptable for a device to turn off simply because somebody pulled the plug. In order to implement portable functionality, devices must include advanced power management systems that can control the path of power from available sources to appropriate system outputs, keep a backup element charged and ready, and ensure that a system has adequate power at all times.

Cannons APD series is a typical solution for various engine, transmission, PC board and Junction box application. Customers demand a cost-effective, highly reliable, IP graded, robust connector system for control, power distribution box, and Junction box applications in their vehicles. With customers demanding 500V dc / 20A application, standard APD 4-way cant meet the captioned electrical specification. Therefore, weve designed the new 500V dc APD 4-way with no change in overall dimension / layout with the standard APD.

The worldwide growth in computer server farms and Internet traffic has resulted in this infrastructure consuming global energy production at an accelerating rate. With significant efficiency improvements already attained, attention is now directed to the on-board cooling fans which consume 10% to 15% of the total power used by the server. Transitioning to Allegro three-phase BLDCs for cooling can reduce energy use considerably.

This application note presents the importance of identifying the accurate AC resistance of an inductor, and provides a design example for estimating power losses based on the BournsR Model SRR1206 and SRR1260 inductors. This application note also illustrates that while core losses are still small compared to AC losses in many surface mount power inductors, core losses and thermal effects must be taken into consideration.

Delivering 60.0A via split-blade technology, Molexs innovative EXTreme OrthoPower. Orthogonal Direct-Power Connector System solves the networking and telecommunications challenge of routing power to backplane line cards.

The new trend to move to 48V battery for the main applications in a car is posing new challenges to car manufacturers for the compatibility of the 12V equipment on a 48V supply line, one of the major new requests is a mid/large power DC/DC bidirectional converter that manages the energy flow between
the 48V and 12V batteries.

This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using discrete components to sequence the power supplies, and describes a simple, yet effective, method of achieving sequencing by using the internal precision enable pins of the ADP5134, which combines two 1.2-A buck regulators with two 300-mA LDOs. It also shows some sequencer ICs that may be useful for applications that require more accurate and flexible sequencing.

Todays portable applications are integrating ever more multimedia functions, each with different power needs. Battery charge indicators or fuel gauges - have become essential for managing devices such as smartphones, laptops or digital cameras. Accurate time remaining predictions enhance the users experience, and can be critical in certain types of portable electronics such as medical devices. ST has combined a powerful and configurable switching battery charger with an accurate Voltage mode Fuel Gauge to simplify charging and battery monitoring.

Texas Instruments expanded its industry-leading Thunderbolt portfolio with the TPS65980 DC/DC switching regulator, the first fully integrated power solution for bus-powered Thunderbolt applications. The TPS65980 is the centerpiece of TIs certified Thunderbolt single port peripheral reference design, simplifying the power chain and speeding the design of bus-powered applications, such as hard drives, solid state drives and audio and video solutions.

A pioneer of PPTC (polymeric positive temperature coefficient) technology, TE Connectivity offers several material platforms for battery-protection applications, each offering different performance characteristics and a range of thermal cutoff (activation temperatures). This article describes the companys PolySwitch PPTC resettable devices, MHP-TA (metal hybrid PPTC thermally activated) devices and non-resettable chip fuses that are well suited for Lithium-Ion consumer portable electronics.

This article will detail how the PSoC Solution enables designers of mission-critical systems to more efficiently deal with the major trends in the industry including increasing processing power (Moores law), energy efficiency (green), reliability (always on) and design efficiency (do more with less).

Light load and no-load input power consumption has become more important with the release of the ENERGY STAR EPS 2.0 standard. This application note from ON Semiconductor describes how to use the NCP1244/46 family of highly integrated PWM controllers to design energy-efficient power supplies meeting the stringent ENERGY STAR requirements.

KEMET is major supplier for polymer tantalum capacitor in the Globe. The high capacitance low ESR features of tan polymer cap make it popular for the power management application in most Consumer electronics, Server and Telecom products etc. Besides standard T520 series, KEMET can also offer high voltage T521 series, low profile T527, T528 series, small size T529 series, low leakage current T522 series and high energy T545 series especially for power backup in SSD application.

MMPF0100 is the first of the PF Series of PMICs and is ideally suited to all i.MX 6 applications processors. It features a configurable and programmable architecture that supports numerous outputs with various current ratings to power the core processor, memory and a wide range of peripherals. An optimized performance architecture offers improved efficiencies and advanced functionality for consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

Faced with tighter regulations and new design trends, power supply manufacturers need to create new solutions with lower no-load power consumption, higher efficiency, and more compact form factors while keeping manufacturing costs low. NXPs latest GreenChip TEA172x family draws on a long heritage of SMPS controller innovation to enable power supply makers to easily meet and even surpass these ever tighter design constraints.

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